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"Stop please at the “Future” Marina, I’m getting off"

How they did not think about it earlier*
The ships will take us from the port and Marina for trip between seaside cities*
Goal: to spend less time in traffic jams*
Why it is still not made?*
Yuri Dedov, the author of the project, is short of 8 million dollars casting off the first motor ship from here before establishing the railway passenger transportation in Ashqelon*
The ministry of transport of Israel: the history is made;
Don’t de afraid to get sea-sick, you’ll receive a ship *****. (5 stars)

The train departs from Ashqelon to Tel Aviv... We seem to have come to the decision of this mathematical problem, but you’ll be surprised, it seems we have one more decision.
Now the construction of the railway stations in Ashqelon is in words, no one gets a move to a stage of execution; there is a person who thinks over step forward.
Y. Dedov, the deep sea captain, believes that he can make a sea line which will connect seaside cities.
It will take less time, it will take off congestions from motorways, and will allow breathing the pure air, he says closing the eyes in dreams with deep breathing.
Y. Dedov is not a person who will refuse his dreams in which he believes in his heart. In spite of this fact, that he repatriated 5 years ago, and does not know Hebrew perfectly, he has decided, it will not prevent him to fulfill his dream.

Fine …, but if only the bank?

After repatriating Yuri saw that in spite of the sizable coastline, the inshore transport is not developed at all. As a deep sea captain with 25 year experience, he thought, that could join the sea sphere and continue working in his field, but the reality was against. He has come to the ministry of transport, and asked for a work at sea. In the personnel department of the ministry of transport they let him know, that there were many seamen, but there was a lack of ships. They told that the field was not developed here at all, there was no enough of both passenger, and cargo ships. Also there exists a shortage of workplaces. I understood it was necessary to do something. The sea cannot be without ships.

Banks demand guarantees

Yuri's project provides for every detail, he has punched the Israeli bureaucracy. And he certainly holds his ground with help of his friends who believe in his project and an opportunity of its realization. In spite of the fact that he has not started realizing the project, though all the permissions and the list of the conditions for starting the project given by the ministry of transport are available:
«In the ministry of transport, after the expert management judgment, I felt good reaction and approval of the project after careful discussion and all-round one a half hour questioning. Three heads of the ministry raised various questions which seemed to be most difficult, and at the end they decided that the project had been carried out on a highly professional level. Then I explained to them what is exactly required of them - the list of the conditions for starting the project. They gave out the list of the conditions for starting the project in which the particular was told: the Israeli flag, Israeli workers only, means and devices are to correspond to the current conventions, requirements for marinas and ports in which boarding and landing of passengers will take place, etc.»
It was a year ago. I told them that the project would be started in a year. It seemed to me that for that time I would find investors. It is a question of 7 million dollars which will be amply reimbursed in 4-5 years. According to my calculations with 50 % capacity the money will return to banks and sponsors in the term mentioned above. But today the problem is that, the banks do not want to deal with me without guarantees. I applied to some Russian businessmen, but they are still thinking.
Now I want to raise this theme before the Israeli and other businessmen who will agree to invest money in this project in Israel. I believe and hope that there is someone interested in a situation at the sea and in the marinas, and who will agree to invest money for this field. Even if it is a Utopian dream and I have made mistakes in all my calculations, this project will improve an image of the country, its face on the international scene. It will be a bright tourist option and bring us up to the level of normally developed countries which have been successfully engaged in it for a long time.
For me it is difficult to understand, why such a project is still not started. In fact it is elementary, especially in the country like ours, which has a big coastal strip. We can considerably speed up passenger traffic from the south the center and the north of the country. It seems to me to be elementary. In each country with outlet to the sea there exists such a project.
Yuri wants to establish a transport line between the marinas: Ashdod - Tel Aviv - Herzliyya - Haifa - Akko. The average trip time from Ashqelon to Haifa is 3.5 hours, and 45 minutes to Tel Aviv. Each catamaran can transport up to 150 passengers with 50 km/h speed.

If the trip by bus from Ashqelon to Tel Aviv takes 45 minutes, why should one go by sea?

There are some reasons for it. First, it is pleasant to come to the work, after a motor ship: pure air, comfort, even way without traffic congestions and jams. You are calm and do not become nervous for nothing. If to compare a trip by sea with a trip by vehicle in rush hours the motor ship goes much faster. Today the course of a vessel is planned around the 10 km distance from the coast, for a case if the coastguard will forbid nearing to the coast, as if we are foreigners. But it is necessary to understand, that when the project will be started, the coastguard will permit the movement along the coast within a nearer distance and it will reduce time for reaching a destination. But increasing charges and time I change nothing in my calculations.
In the calculations of the project many account parameters are highly overestimated, and the incomes are underestimated, and nevertheless the project seems to be highly profitable. Today we are planning the same fare as by bus, and in time it will be 25-30 % lower.
In addition to all the way to work becomes a pleasant travel.

Such a project is submitted for the first time?

« Similar ideas were raised a couple of years ago, but the project was not supported, because the people starting the project paid no attention to hydrometeorological features of the Israeli coast. But it had to be a start point. It was their main mistake. I began with learning of this option. Has studied the sea behavior in this area and at the end the kind of a vessel was chosen which is appropriate for the meteorological conditions of this area, it was catamaran.
Catamaran is a special vessel, capable to carry out commercial trips at athwart see of the Israeli coast with the wave height of 1.5 of m. And a catamaran is the best vessel that suits for the operation in these conditions. This kind of ships has low draught, so they can enter harbors with shallow waterway.»

Won’t the passengers get sea-sick?

«Catamaran is a high-speed vessel which has two hulls in contrast to others, that gives an opportunity to reduce swinging at athwart sea. The saloon is comfortable with a bar, airplane armchairs, air-conditioned, a pleasant music sounds and general conditions are ideal for relaxation. It can be compared with the vibration of an airplane or a vehicle on the earth road.»

And in winter?...

According to my plans in winter the sea lines will not work, and the ships will be berthed in the port, and function as restaurants. But it will happen in a case when the weather conditions do not allow working in the usual working mode.

Is there any problem of the passengers’ mistrust caused by the meteorological conditions that will make the navigation irregular?...

Every day all our passengers listen in and watch TV. They will know that is necessary to listen to the weather forecast which is broadcast some times a day. And if the sea roughness is little, that means the ships will operate.

The big project in a small town

In 1999 Y. Dedov repatriated to Israel with the wife. His two children live in Petersburg with their mother, his first wife. After arriving in Israel they decided to make Ashqelon their home. “We have friends who have invited us here”, Yuri says, “We were looking for a small quiet town. In this city I would like to set up a large business”.
I feel a revolutionary for making a sensation and the city attractive for other people. In Tel Aviv I would feel a very small person, there are a large number of businesses and your opportunities seem to be more doubtful, various transport companies can interfere for the different reasons.... and prevent you to develop.
My theory shows that a large business should be made in a small town, there is less vanity, strange people wishing you to crush, a competition, but there is a grateful atmosphere, that you have invented such a large business for this small town! There is a place and time for developing. In Tel Aviv, Haifa and Ashdod there are many strong companies which are not interested in your development for some reasons, and they will scheme intrigues on the way of my development.
In Ashqelon there are no companies working at sea. This company would give significance to the city and its marina in particular, new workplaces both on ships and on docks. On each vessel there will be up to 8 crew members. Add 10 office workers, and the management... There is a great option for opening parallel businesses in Marina including cafes, souvenir shops, travel agencies and other small business.

If now you are suggested money, how long will it take for starting the project?...

“Half a year, I have to order ships and bring them here. They are immediately starting to work, because the base for them all is ready”.
Yuri has 25 year experience of works on all types of ships and he is an expert in sea affairs. He can conduct big cargo and passenger ships.
Besides he has the diploma of the engineer-economist of sea transport and makes many efforts for promotion of his project. But he should live and somehow earn his living. Therefore now he is engaged in that what all his life his hobby. He is a jeweler.
He smiles, “I’m a normal son of my people! Everyone knows that many Jews of Russia strove to get this profession”. In such a situation he has lots of cares and problems, but Jury says that he wants to be engaged in what he is able to do need to do and like to do.
“To start the project means return to sea, and I do not understand why it has not been done yet, in fact the absence of these businesses does not improve the face of Israel the World’s scene!”

The director of Ashqelon marina Gilel Sharf (Former yachtsmen): “It is a positive step and even necessary!”
At Ashqelon marina they have decided to help Yuri Dedov realize his sea project*
The infrastructure has been already created.

Gilel Sharf the director of Ashqelon marina understood at the beginning as Yuri introduced to him the idea. Sharf decided to help realize this idea. He got imbued with this theme to get round the Israeli bureaucracy. “The marina tries to help promote each project, which is capable to improve the life of Ashqelon. We will try to help Yuri get round the bureaucracy. We will use our relations with the marinas of the other cities. We directed him to the ministry of sea transport for all necessary documents. We all the directors of the marinas met with Yuri to solve the technical problems in the stations and around them.

If is it necessary to build any special constructions for this, any special parking places for vehicles, coaches or special piers for ships?

“What we need for vehicles we already have it. We have to worry about convenience of passengers in ports and marinas, convenient passes and stops. Certainly it is necessary to keep safety appliances. Really the general infrastructure of the marina is ready and anything is not necessary to be changed. In the other marinas the situation is the same. Everyone who saw the project, consider that it is a good step and even necessary”.

How do you think, such a project can take place in Israel?

I thought such a project is difficult and will not get any commercial success. But in view of the fact that in the World there are lots of such projects, and they work, and Ashqelon also wants development of tourism, this project with using transportations of passengers together with tourists should be successful.

Reported by Hagit Barmi

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