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"What hinders Israel?…"

Obviously, when the God commanded to all Jews to return to their historical Motherland, He forgot to consult with those Jews who had arrived here a bit earlier than others......!
-One of the last

It is a fine country desired by everyone’s heart! It is a miracle for all of us to come here, have an opportunity to look round, develop and gradually join the family of our Jewish brothers! And if to think over it is not a miracle at all, but remarkable affairs of the Creator.
Justly our God taught that the most significant thing in the history of Erez Israel would begin when Jews of the entire World gathered here, in the land promised to us by our most important teacher, Creator and Patron!
And whatever occurs in the countries of exile what regimes and barriers press, keep down, oppose to His will, every year the process of returning of the Jews to the Holy Land becomes more and more irreversible.
The Lord’s deeds are visible in the whole recent history of the young Jewish state! The bright pages of the historical victories which are like miracles are bright confirmation that the God does not leave us, and the People is truly Peculiar!
But I cannot remember in the commandments of the Creator anything about second-quality of the newly arrived, and peculiarity of the arrived before come back!
I cannot remember and find any facts that the life in Erez Israel has been worsened by the Jewish coming for permanent residence. But a remarkable thing for a person who has been living in the country for 10 years is that the Near-Eastern province which has been deserted, dirty, with low-educated population changes into a modern, rather small country, but well-equipped with highly technological enterprises, a masterpiece country, an oasis country!
This small beauty continues to blossom year from one year. Cities and settlements grow as mushrooms. An abundance of architectural projects buried in verdure makes a head swim!
And it is at a full enemy neighborhood! What makes ours “younger brothers” set fire to the woods grown with such hard work, show primitive bloodthirstiness, blow up our innocent children, peaceful citizens?
It is a pathological envy based on poverty, religious fanaticism, which can be met only in the East. For centuries the inhabitants of the Arab states raised in conditions the Middle Ages have been brought to present days in such conditions at which the brute force of the slaveholder is respected only. And therefore there is no surprise of their primitive cruelty and fanaticism in conditions of a democratic society in which they are unintentionally found …
Has anybody thought about the last acts of terrorism, (this article was written shortly after the act of terrorism in the Delphinarium), to say exactly, about those against whom the last explosions have been directed? The olim from the countries of the CIS! And what does it mean? That means that the Arab leaders have understood for a long time that the aliya is a great force of Israel and consequently a danger for the Arabic expansion!
Note, the Russian Government rushes in searches for decision of prevention of the so-called brain drain, and in the Holy Land they lay asphalt, and not only lay asphalt, the streets are swept mostly by engineers, and even masters of sciences. And if to dig up more deeply you can find out that this contract with the municipality has been concluded by a native Israeli who even has no full school certificate. He employs these former smart men, in fact he is the fifth wheel of a cart, and outrageously steals their earned shekels. It can be a vivid example of irresponsible attitude to the brains who have arrived in Israel, it will seem to be insufficiently convincing, and someone will tell that it is their fault; they have to strive, convince, show somehow the knowledge … How?
Even in a case when a field of planned activity of a repatriate is very necessary for the country, with a direction of development of any manufacture strategically important for the state, producing necessary, competitive goods, providing constant workplaces; nevertheless the most skilled, initiative and patient businessman will not do anything because his business requires approval of a native official of any rank at least, or just hide his face in a corner if, God forbid, he needs large financing! There are lots of examples of it!
The well-known businessman G. Lerner had no necessity to involve any bank finance, he perfectly dealt with his own forces (read “finance”). For a short term he has already made so many that to the end of the days he could rest on his laurels of glory! Let us recall his participation in construction of the new medical building for the hospital Barzilai in Ashqelon.
He is a true Jew, titan whom the Jewish people should be proud of, clever businessman, full of knowledge and experience, vigorous, quick, strong and successful; he has devoted himself and his family to Israel immediately and without doubt that, in order to make our Land more prospering, beautiful and independent!
How the grateful people has paid him back? (In the person of the arrived before, i.e. officials) They have “let him go” to prison.
M. Chernoi withstood a real war against the Russian mafia, and after that having patriotic forces he made the decision to do his strong business here, in Israel, and for Israel’s prosperity, but he was welcomed in the same way!
There is no law of the market. In the actions of the “arrived before” there is no common sense, only medieval dullness and envy at a more independent, capable person, and only one law operates here, it is visible on the surfaces, its name is “No permission!”, and it is set by our Jewish brothers arrived before.
We, as the former aliya, continue getting duped with necessity of overcoming the language barrier: “Till you have learnt the language, you will not join (probably united family of the Jewish peoples?)”
But, the economics requires no language, a person who is capable to organize large business is capable to have and pay for translation and consulting services, he is able to learn any language, even the language of his ancestors, but not under pressure of the lumpen brothers, but with their own desire and the duly necessity!
The large and also small Business should not be suppressed, if it certainly corresponds to commandments and is run without breaking any laws. It moves the country forward, gives workplaces to people and brings money to the treasury.
* * * * * *

I hatched and I continue hatching a dream of overcoming the current situation in Israel, when the decision “No permission!” is taken by some persons with the Arabian mentality (read “Medieval”). Having spent a lot of time, forces and the entire absorption basket for searching a decision, I have suddenly understood, that it is time to do something particular; tomorrow nobody will give anything, therefore I have set up my own business and I earn for a life. That which has been my hobby for all my life feeds me.
But on May 21st, 2001, in the newspaper “Novosti Nedeli” (Weekly News) I read the article by Inna Stessel “Don’t Leave Me, Hope …” and I could not work more that day in my workshop. I will subscribe to each word of that article and even I can add more.
In that article the situation about the trying experience of the honored person, the deep sea captain Y. Kogan and experts like him is brightly described. Y. Kogan is a former instructor captain of the Black Sea shipping company. For clarity I will tell that an instructor captain of such a large sea organization can become only the most experienced captain who perfectly knows navigator’s specialty without failures and emergency incidents in his practice, negative remarks at the service. Such a person has the richest experience in commercial work of fleet, perfectly knows of questions of the maritime law, knows all laws of the International Sea Organization, and at last, has a certificate according to the International Convention “About giving certificates to personnel of sea transport”.
The ministry of transport of Israel headed at that time by the medical specialist(?!) has established the order at which the sea captain should pass examination to people, whose practice and abilities obviously raise doubts and require certification. And after examination, a maximum such an expert can expect for employment in a position of the 3rd mate, it is a position for a young specialist, without advantage for making career. I have also faced precisely the same problem, as well as all fleet specialists from the CIS. I have 20 years of clear navigation behind myself: experience at fishery floating factories in the oceans, sea tow-boats, including salvage ships, tankers, dry-cargo ships of different foreign companies. I finished the evening faculty of Leningrad Institute of Water Transport with specialty “Engineer-economist of sea and river fleet, and 4 years prior to the repatriation as I began to work as the captain I received the certificate of Deep Sea Captain according to the International Sea Convention.
After visiting the ministry of transport of Israel I understood, that requirement of passing an examination without prospects is a simple mockery!
There are two motivations:
- the first - unwillingness of the natives to recognize our extremely best diplomas, than theirs;
- the second - absence of fleet and consequently vacancies!
And now about the main thing. The economics and organization of fleet is my profession, my life! To see how the sea is deserted simply hurts me, because our country is a sea country, and not to use all potential of the sea is sheer folly! And sea workers who Israel has an uncountable amount, will not be enough after all the range of usage of our Sea for our life starts to operate.
High-speed passenger ferries. If to start them along the coast with touching all the seaside cities, it would relieve the highways, because their speed exceeds speed of motor transport at rush-hours.
As the process of boarding and landing can be carried out at the marinas, it recovers the infrastructure of the marinas, increasing employment among the residents of the seaside cities, and tourism substantially becomes more active.
The oceanic fish fleet, even 2-3 ships are able to obtain fish products in the World Ocean, can just fill up our small country with various high-quality fish products of low cost price, because for fishing in the open ocean nobody should pay anything!
And finally the commercial fleet, it has a strategically major value for our country, whose political and geographical position is known for all of us. Annually tens of million tons of the petroleum products are delivered to our country, tens of million tons of grain-crops, automobiles, chemistry products, metals, wood, God forbid, but we will require water. Hundreds of million dollars are paid to the foreign navigable companies instead of taxes filling the budget of our country. I am even afraid of thinking what can happen if we, God forbid, we will embargoed for a short term, or the Turks connected to the Arabian world by the Islamic brotherhood will suddenly not bring up water…
Inspired by these realities I went with confidence to the instances, hoping that I will be heard by the mighty of this world! They did not hear. And as they heard, the theme was so difficult, and they waved their hands. Sure, what a strange businessman is, you would deal, as everyone does: buy here, sell there. Or better: buy there, and sell here! The true Jewish business! Thus our dear deputies think, and what to tell about the Moroccan brothers …, a maximum they can offer is to pass to them the examination on sea sciences in Hebrew, and to answer to puzzled expression of your face: "As you will learn Hebrew, then we will talk!" And actually there is no time and nobody to speak to! We have to do business urgently!
Guided by my own knowledge, after preparing the feasibility report I went to banks, hoping that these Jewish banks are run by the Jewish heads, and they are surely educated and understand what a leasing crediting is, when the credit deal is insured by the international insurance agency “P&I Club”; either they do not trust they people or they do not know that it is possible.
I think I would start with purchasing one old steam dry-cargo ship, but still capable to carry cargoes and make a profit. And, when I pay money back to the bank, I will buy something newer. It is possible that I will get developed or somebody will buy shares, and the Israeli fleet will grow.
It took a lot of time, I wasted the all absorption basket for buses, faxes, and the Internet access (God less, I have reached!). Till finally in Leumi bank a good person taught me... to stop. I might continue to behave like a mad! And this person told the following:
"The deals as you want to make with the help of our bank are well-known to the administration of our bank, not once the bank bought ships for the former state company "ZIM". The sum which you ask is incommensurably small, in comparison with those sums that were spent for "ZIM", but to you will not get a deal. There is only one way: to find an Israeli respected by the bank (see “arrived before”), he can be a lawyer or proctologist, a confectioner or architect. The main thing is big money on his account, the bank should have a good opinion about him. If he wants to buy a steamship and to become a ship owner, he will receive the desired credit; but for you nothing, you are Oleh-Hadash!"
After the stated I think it is impossible either to add or reduce something.
We, olim, think that we have arrived in our native land to devote it all our huge experience, practice, brains and heart, and face a situation when you meets stupidity, militant dullness, envy, shameless crushing of any initiative, as we are leprous. I feel that every arriving person is required here as meat, as cattle which is fatten according to the norm approved by someone, for something improper.
But there is a trouble, the "supporters" roughly hide it under any sorts of ideological ideas, and we, who arrived for last 4-6 years, did not go for fattening, and for us it is insulting! I think according to common sense this situation should be broken, or we should move aside where educated people will get less bestial attitude!
The conclusion: Any country considered to be healthy, if it is attractive to both internal and external investments. Our country requires them more than others. Before waiting for capital inflow from abroad, the conditions for the own businesses should be favorable, the banks should deal with businesses not only according to the elementary scheme connected to crediting for purchasing a vehicle, apartment, sausage for shops, but also they are obliged to be guided and participate in larger projects. And it is absolutely inadmissible to ignore the business part of the society which has arrived from other parts of the world. It smells chauvinism, gentlemen!
I do not think that the Creator forgot to consult with the native brothers about returning of all the Jews from the exile. But those who return follow the appeals of the God, and those who see the olim as cattle have forgotten the Creator!

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