September, 1977: - 2nd mate of the Big fishing refrigerator trawler "Krasnoputilovets". Accepting the ship in port Gdansk (Poland) after major overhaul, and then 175 day-navigation in the Southwest Atlantic - Falkland Islands with the subsequent replacement of the crew in Havana (Cuba).

December, 1976: - 3rd mate of the Big fishing refrigerator trawler "Perekat". 1 month-fishery in the Northwest Atlantic, 2 month-fishery in the Central East Atlantic, 1 month work in the Northeast Atlantic. The rest of the time - crossing Atlantic up and down, because of a worthless management of fishery of the Base Authority.

May, 1976: - 4th mate of the Big fishing refrigerator trawler "Pskov". 175 day-navigation. 5 month-fishery in English Channel, the Bay of Biscay and Bristol Channel. Transition to the Gulf of Guinea for replacement, the state of Massias-Ngemo-Bijogo.

August, 1975: - 4th mate of the Big fishing refrigerator trawler "Tolbachik". 163 day-navigation to the Northwest Atlantic, fishery.

September, 1974: - employment in Leningrad Base of Ocean fishing fleet.

June-July, 1974: - reserves training on the Big anti-submarine ship “Krasny Krym”.

May, 1974: - finishing the Nautical School and passing the final examinations.

October, 1973 - January, 1974: - field study on the training fishery ship "Kurs".

October, 1972 – January, 1973: - sailor's practice on the Transport Refrigerator “Matros Koshka”, Sevastopol. Sea fishery expedition the Central East Atlantic.

May, 1972: - seafaring practice – the salvage towboat "Vaigach", Kerch.

September, 1971: - passing entrance examinations with grade "excellent" and getting the certificate of cadet of Odessa Nautical School, according to order # 1. Department: Sea Navigation.

1979г. Март: - Поступил в институт водного транспорта на факультет «Экономика и организация водного транспорта» отделение плав.состава.

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