From 26.05.1999: - In Israel. Preparing and carrying out the project “High-speed coastal passenger transportations” through the office in the ministry of transport of Israel. The private project, searching investors. 5 publications in press. 3 radio broadcasts. 15 minute television broadcast on channel 9 of the Israeli TV. I continue working.

November, 1996 – February, 1997: - Captain of the motor ship "Alexander" under the flag Cambodia (Ship owner – “Dipson Investments” Ltd.), tramping between the ports of the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas.

May – September, 1996: - Captain of the dry-cargo motor ship “Pur” (ship owner - "Sibnek" Co. Ltd.), tramping across the Baltic

June - October, 1995: - chief mate of the motor ship "Baltiyskiy - 40".

April, 1994: - Captain of the sea towboat "Petropavlovsk". Towages in the Baltic Sea.

February, 1993: - Captain of the sea towboat "Baltiysk". The White and Barents Seas. Towages.

June, 1989: - June, 1989: Captain of motor ship "RT-761", accepting the ship from the building factory in Tyumen and transporting it from the Ob River to the Yenisey River with a convoy

August, 1988: - chief mate of the tanker "Lenaneft". Convoying under leading of the nuclear ice breakers to the Far East. Before the expedition – finishing the final work and getting the diploma “Economics and Management of Water Transport” in Leningrad Institute of Water Transport Engineers.

1987г. July: - 2nd mate of the sea towboat "Baltiysk". Complex towages via the Northern seaway during all the navigation.

September, 1986: - 2nd mate of the sea towboat "Aleksandrovsk". Convoying from Nikolaevsk-on-Amur to Arkhangelsk via the Northern seaway. Towing of complex objects from Khabarovsk Novy Port on the Ob River.

March, 1986: - getting employed with hard efforts in Expedition of Special Sea Convoys (Leningrad group), position - boatswain.

December, 1979 - 1981: - chief mate of the training ship "Rumb". In the "Base" the purge occurred, my heads were dismissed who were engaged directly in us the seamen and whom I indefinitely respected. Having solidarity I retired, lost the visa and any prospects.

May, 1979: - May, 1979: 2nd mate of the Super-trawler "Captain Grigory Ovodovsky".

March, 1979: - entering the institute of water transport, faculty “Economics and Management of Water Transport”, department of navigation staff.

February, 1979: - appointment of the senior controller in service of fleet operation of the enterprise "Lenrybprom".

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